Broke Toddler Oatmeal

Hi! For breakfasts lately, my toddler (and I) have been having oatmeal. I have a recipe from before being broke that was for pb/maple syrup no-bake granola bars. These were so fantastic! I wanted this taste, but there’s no way I could buy maple syrup right now. I revamped the recipe slightly and came upContinue reading “Broke Toddler Oatmeal”

Health Update – It’s All Getting Better!

Hey y’all, I wanted to update you about how my health is since I’ve been following a nutritarian diet. But let’s also begin with the fact that all the whole-food plant-based people typically say to stop counting calories and just eat whatever you want. I tried this, and it had detrimental effects on me. AfterContinue reading “Health Update – It’s All Getting Better!”

Raw Food is Natural… But Hard

Hey y’all. Humans are the only species on the planet that cooks food. Raw food is amazingly healthy! It’s full of nutrients, fiber, and enzymes. Raw food is also full of water, and it’s all pretty low calorie. If you’re a petite person, it’s going to be difficult for you to get sufficient calories whileContinue reading “Raw Food is Natural… But Hard”

I am a WFPB Black Belt but a Nutritarian Yellow Belt

Hey y’all, So, I’ve discovered where I went wrong with a whole-foods plant-based (WFPB) diet. Or, not necessarily wrong, because I still got healthier overall, lost a ton of weight, and I did soothe my chronic skin inflammation (eczema). However, how I was going about the WFPB diet wasn’t giving me enough nutrients, personally, forContinue reading “I am a WFPB Black Belt but a Nutritarian Yellow Belt”