Chronic Autoimmune Conditions, Inflammation, and Diet

Hey y’all, Did you know that many of the chronic, “incurable” health conditions today are due to inflammation? It’s true! Most of the time, chronic conditions like eczema, rheumatoid arthritis, Chron’s, high cholesterol, seasonal allergies, and more are often linked to inflammation in the body. These conditions can be made better through diet. I haveContinue reading “Chronic Autoimmune Conditions, Inflammation, and Diet”

Inflammation and Chronic Disease

Hey y’all, I really want to shine a spotlight on the connection between chronic disease and inflammation. There are always people that don’t fit into broad categories, but for most, chronic diseases like eczema, arthritis, fibromialgia, etc. are caused by inflammation in the body, and inflammation is hard-core linked to diet. For 20 years, IContinue reading “Inflammation and Chronic Disease”

Citric Acid is Really Bad

Hey y’all, I wrote a post awhile back about citric acid. It occurs naturally in fruits, but it’s made commercially from black mold. People (like me) with skin problems can often have issues with citric acid. I didn’t even realize this until recently. Citric acid is used in most canned products (and some teas forContinue reading “Citric Acid is Really Bad”

Eczema Master Food List

Hey y’all! I’m so excited! I just posted the master food list I created on Etsy! Since I’m pregnant and may end up having a child with food sensitivities, I compiled all the information I’ve learned over the past two years into a huge spreadsheet so I could give it to the grandparents for wheneverContinue reading “Eczema Master Food List”