Another Frugal DIY

Hi everyone! I have another frugal “DIY” to inspire you. It’s not a full DIY, but it’s a frugal way to test out a more expensive item. We have a dog who likes to jump the fence in the backyard. So, I thought that putting a baby gate on the end of our large backContinue reading “Another Frugal DIY”


Sweet Potato Leaves

Hey y’all! Did you know that you can eat sweet potato leaves? And they’re not bad at all. There’s plenty of stuff that we can eat but tastes terrible. Since it’s getting too hot for my chard, I’ve switched to eating sweet potato greens. I was curious if this was actually saving me money, becauseContinue reading “Sweet Potato Leaves”

Deals at the Store

I got so many good deals yesterday! I doesn’t happen often, but sometimes you find that rare item that is mispriced. Yesterday I received a huge 8 lb jar of chicken boullion granules. It only cost me $14.08! That’s amazing because this amount would usually cost $75. The same company makes a 16 oz jarContinue reading “Deals at the Store”