I Just Bought my First Tax Lien!

Hello! As you can tell from the title, I just bought my first tax lien. I just sat on my couch in Texas and made a real estate investment in Florida! This is so exciting for me! I’ve been learning about investing in liens for most of a week now. I’ve been wanting to investContinue reading “I Just Bought my First Tax Lien!”


Make Money Work for You?

Hello, Making money work for you is one of the rules of rich people. I’m still learning exactly what this is, but the idea is that rich people don’t trade their time for money. They acquire assets that provide them with passive income. I heard a man say that “wealthy people own stocks, then theyContinue reading “Make Money Work for You?”

Getting my Schedule Together

Hey y’all, I keep hearing about the power of having a good schedule. Apparently millionaires and other really productive people stick to a schedule, and that is how they get so much done. I’ve talked before about the Block Schedule by Jordan Page. I’ve tried it twice, and both times it made me so tiredContinue reading “Getting my Schedule Together”