Plant-Based Protein Cookies

Hey y’all, I have a plant-based protein cookie recipe for you! It’s also pretty inexpensive since we’re broke bodybuilders on here. This is one of my favorite cookie recipes! I’m going to begin making them more often because I just like them so much. Bonus: they have 3.8g of protein in them – that’s aContinue reading “Plant-Based Protein Cookies”


Orange Cranberry Muffins (bean option)

Merry Christmas! I haven’t been this excited for Christmas in years. I woke up after about 4 hours of sleep, and now I’m jumping off the walls. And no, I haven’t had caffeine or sugar. I think the baby’s excited and rubbing off on me. Anyway, I want to share this orange cranberry muffin recipeContinue reading “Orange Cranberry Muffins (bean option)”