Whole-Foods Gluten-Free Flour

Hey y’all, I’ve perfected my GF flour recipe! I’ve made GF flour in the past, but it was expensive and very starchy. This flour is made entirely of whole foods, and it contains 12g of protein and 430 calories per cup of flour. That’s almost on par with wheat flour, but this is a healthierContinue reading “Whole-Foods Gluten-Free Flour”

Get Fit Food on an Extreme Budget

Hey y’all, Ok, so, you’re broke af, but you want to get some muscle gains. This is for you! I’m going to show off some foods that are seriously cheap but taste good and are actually really healthy. I’m also broke af and want to get some gains, so we’re in the same boat. WeContinue reading “Get Fit Food on an Extreme Budget”