Adding some Stillness to the Morning

Hey y’all, I’ve been really working on my morning routine for awhile now. I’m trying to be more productive, but I find that what I’m trying causes me to feel like I’m hitting the ground running and to burn out after a few days. This evening, I rewatched a video about Buddhist Monks. Their morningContinue reading “Adding some Stillness to the Morning”


It’s a Rough Morning

Good morning y’all. I hope your day is starting good. Mine’s a little rough. Productive, but rough. My toddler usually sleeps through the night. It’s great! But not last night. He’s cutting a molar, and I woke to cries at 3:30 am. I comforted him and got him some pain meds, and he went backContinue reading “It’s a Rough Morning”