Friday Coffee Video

Good morning! Those who’ve been following along know that I have recently been sticking my hands in all the pots. But I’ve finally gotten to the point where it’s more advantageous for me to narrow my focus, which actually works out great since I’m definitely ready to slow down. And it’s Friday! It’s time forContinue reading “Friday Coffee Video”

What I’m Doing *updated 9-8-22*

Good morning! Ah. It’s a glorious Thursday. That means tomorrow is Friday. Yay! But even as I say that, I know that being Friday means nothing to a lot of you. I worked for nearly a year at a job where weekends were the WORST because everyone with any know-how took off, and Monday wasContinue reading “What I’m Doing *updated 9-8-22*”

Goals and Mug of the Day

Good morning! It’s a fantastic day, and I hope your day has started out wonderful! My goals for today are pretty simple. Even though I would like to get some work done today, it is my husband’s birthday (shoutout, he’s 27), and my priority today is to make the day special for him. I’m makingContinue reading “Goals and Mug of the Day”