Back to Frugal Happennings

Hey y’all, I’ve been talking a lot about property and house ideas lately, because that’s what’s been on my mind. However, even through all the craziness, I’ve still been implementing a lot of my frugal ways, and I may as well share them. Half of this blog’s title is “frugal” you know. Something I didContinue reading “Back to Frugal Happennings”

Day in the Life – 5/4/20

Today I got up and went to work nearly immediately. To start off, I rode my bike to that abandoned lot near my house to gather up some of the tall weeds there. My rabbits absolutely love having “pasture” to eat. It’s a big treat for them, and it actually saves money since I canContinue reading “Day in the Life – 5/4/20”

Day in the Life 4-23-20

Hello all! It’s definitely a lazy morning. I woke up much later than usual (almost 11 am), and I haven’t done too much. I did go out and check on the rabbits. I made sure they all had food and water, but now I’m inside in pajamas watching tv while I eat breakfast. These daysContinue reading “Day in the Life 4-23-20”