Broke Toddler Oatmeal

Hi! For breakfasts lately, my toddler (and I) have been having oatmeal. I have a recipe from before being broke that was for pb/maple syrup no-bake granola bars. These were so fantastic! I wanted this taste, but there’s no way I could buy maple syrup right now. I revamped the recipe slightly and came upContinue reading “Broke Toddler Oatmeal”

Pumping 8+ Times a Day

Good morning everyone, I’m sitting here with the new baby. As some of you know, my son has a tongue tie, so he can’t breastfeed like I had planned. I don’t want to get stuck buying tons of formula, and breastmilk is super nutritious anyway, so I am now exclusively pumping. I am supplementing withContinue reading “Pumping 8+ Times a Day”