Breakfast Meal Prep

Hi! I like prepping meals ahead of time. I rarely make entire meals ahead, but I do like to prep components of dishes to make meals easier later on. For example, I’ll make a big batch of pasta sauce for “5-cheese ziti,” and then I just have to make the pasta. Or, I’ll make aContinue reading “Breakfast Meal Prep”

Broke Toddler Oatmeal

Hi! For breakfasts lately, my toddler (and I) have been having oatmeal. I have a recipe from before being broke that was for pb/maple syrup no-bake granola bars. These were so fantastic! I wanted this taste, but there’s no way I could buy maple syrup right now. I revamped the recipe slightly and came upContinue reading “Broke Toddler Oatmeal”

Broke Toddler Meal

Hi! It’s a wonderful day, and it’s been filled with some good food. James had a bowl of chicken and rice along with a pea medley squeezer. We were able to get both the ground chicken and the squeezer from a fabulous charity organization. The chicken and rice was really good. I cooked rice inContinue reading “Broke Toddler Meal”

Broke Toddler Meals

Hi! Well guys… we’re broke. We haven’t quite hit rock bottom, but we’re hanging on for dear life. But what’s been an amazing blessing and invaluable is the fact that we’ve been able to source some fairly healthy foods to keep our toddler fed. Our son is nearly a year-and-a-half old, and he’s already outgrowingContinue reading “Broke Toddler Meals”