Fun Law of Attraction Game – Manifest Abundance

Hello! I just learned about a really fun game for manifesting. = Basically, you make a dream check register. You “deposit” a certain amount of money into your dream account, and then you spend all that dream money on things you want. The way I heard it described was that you need either expired checksContinue reading “Fun Law of Attraction Game – Manifest Abundance”

Am I Crazy for Using the Law of Attraction?

Good morning! So, am I? Well, that depends on what you see as “crazy,” but I am no crazier than people like missionaries who rely on God to take care of their needs. If you read my previous post about the law of attraction being extremely Christian, then you will understand when I say thatContinue reading “Am I Crazy for Using the Law of Attraction?”

Is the Law of Attraction evil?

Hello, I have heard several people mention the law of attraction being evil and manifesting being evil. In fact, if you search the law of attraction on YouTube, you will find “A Christian perspective” on it. The person in the video states that while the law of attraction works, it is a gift from theContinue reading “Is the Law of Attraction evil?”

What an Abundant Life

Good morning! The last few weeks, my life has totally become more abundant. I’ve been studying the law of attraction and implementing practices in my life every day, and it’s been CRAZY!! Even though I know how it works theoretically, it’s still been surprising me (even shocking me) at many of the things that haveContinue reading “What an Abundant Life”

A CEO Mindset – law of attraction

Good morning! I’ve been working on Katie’s Koffee. It’s an Etsy store with mugs with positive messages. (By the way, there’s a sale going right now that ends after Dec 25) I remember talking about mindset in the past and how if you want to become wealthy, you need to act wealthy. I mentioned thisContinue reading “A CEO Mindset – law of attraction”