Goals, Vibrations, and Mug of the Day

Good morning! I hope you’re doing fabulous on this Wednesday morning! I feel pretty good at the moment. I decided to change up some of what I was doing and delete a few of my apps. They were intended to make me some money, but they weren’t making enough money to make me want toContinue reading “Goals, Vibrations, and Mug of the Day”

Motivation, Grit, and Mug of the Day

Hello! It’s not morning, but that’s ok. Let’s talk about grit for a moment. Grit is actually much more important than motivation. But what is grit? Grit is the skill (that everyone has the ability to hone) that makes people work on things even when they don’t want to. If you’re tired, grit is whatContinue reading “Motivation, Grit, and Mug of the Day”