Inspiration, Passive Income, and Mug of the Day

Good morning! It’s morning for you, but I’m writing this post at night. I missed writing a post for today, so I’m getting a jump on my post for tomorrow. And don’t worry; I’m not losing steam (well, not really). I’m still working every day, but my attention is being focused more on the doingContinue reading “Inspiration, Passive Income, and Mug of the Day”

Real Estate Tax Yields

Hello! It’s been an interesting day. As some of you know, today was my husband’s birthday. It didn’t exactly go to plan. This morning was great. I made some of my husband’s favorite foods, and I was able to prioritize my time to spend with him. Then, our toddler decided not to take his afternoonContinue reading “Real Estate Tax Yields”

Goals and Mug of the Day

Good morning! It’s a fantastic day, and I hope your day has started out wonderful! My goals for today are pretty simple. Even though I would like to get some work done today, it is my husband’s birthday (shoutout, he’s 27), and my priority today is to make the day special for him. I’m makingContinue reading “Goals and Mug of the Day”

Passive Income is NOT Completely Passive

Hello! I saw an advertisement today that I can’t stand. A lady asked, “Do you have a laptop? Do you have a dollar?” Then she said, “If you said yes to those questions, then you have the formula to make passive income.” She was trying to sell a course or something for $1. While itContinue reading “Passive Income is NOT Completely Passive”