Being a Homemaker

Hello all! Today was my first true day back as a Homemaker. I last worked a job back in July, but even though I’ve been home since then, I’ve been continually looking for ways to make money. I tried all sorts of things through the internet as well as a few physical side hustles. NoneContinue reading “Being a Homemaker”


Abundance, Peace, Gratitude

Hello! You may have noticed from my previous two posts that I’ve begun looking into online transcription work again. But I’m wondering if I should even be looking into that at all. I haven’t found a typing job online that would allow me to make any sort of living wage. But more importantly, I justContinue reading “Abundance, Peace, Gratitude”

Earthbag Housing

Hello! Have you heard about earthbag houses? Well, they are awesome, and this post will introduce you to them. I you look up “earthbag house” on the internet, this picture, or one very similar, will be the first to pop up. An earthbag house is just a regular house built out of earthbags (basically, it’sContinue reading “Earthbag Housing”