Sometimes Natural isn’t Best

Hey y’all, As most of you know, I prefer natural methods of almost everything to other alternatives. But sometimes, the natural way isn’t always best. I’m particularly sensitive to histamines. One thing that histamines are in in large quantities are the oils from grasses. I realized a few months ago that essential oils are pureContinue reading “Sometimes Natural isn’t Best”


My Food Intolerances and Plants

Hey y’all, So, I’ve realized that I just have some food Intolerances. The naive me from 2019 thought that once my eczema cleared, I could go back to eating most things aside from eggs and gluten, but au contraire! After living through a year and a half really listening to my body and ending upContinue reading “My Food Intolerances and Plants”

I Didn’t Realize It was this Bad

Today, I went out and gathered a bunch of grass to feed my rabbits. It doesn’t cost much to buy them food, but they absolutely love the grasses I find. I’ve put down grass from the yard on their poo and store hay in their bowl for them to eat. When I came back, theyContinue reading “I Didn’t Realize It was this Bad”