Easy Imflammatory Foods Chart

Hey y’all, For me, the acronym FREDG works well to remind me of inflammatory foods, but others may prefer a picture. So…

Inflammation and Chronic Disease

Hey y’all, I really want to shine a spotlight on the connection between chronic disease and inflammation. There are always people that don’t fit into broad categories, but for most, chronic diseases like eczema, arthritis, fibromialgia, etc. are caused by inflammation in the body, and inflammation is hard-core linked to diet. For 20 years, IContinue reading “Inflammation and Chronic Disease”

Remember… It’s a Deep Clean

Hey y’all. Eczema post warning BTW. I know some of you read this blog for different things. For me, the environment plays a major role in my eczema. My skin is always really clear during the winter and gets worse in the spring when the pollen comes out to play. I’ve only been treating myContinue reading “Remember… It’s a Deep Clean”

Spring is Terrible for my Skin

For those that don’t know, I’ve been battling with eczema my whole life, but intensely and naturally since April 2019. Diet is a major part of treating eczema naturally. There are a lot of foods I had to cut out initially since my eczema was so bad, but for a while now, I’ve only beenContinue reading “Spring is Terrible for my Skin”