Positivity and Gratitude

Hello! I don’t listen to Abraham Hicks, but I love hearing other people talk about what she says and seeing quotes like this. I’ve started utilizing the Law of Attraction over the past few months, and I’ve seen how key gratitude is to manifesting what you want. I’m in love with the idea of gratitudeContinue reading “Positivity and Gratitude”

Expanding Business

Hey y’all! So, I’ve been busy! I’ve been working on my Etsy shop, and I now have over 70 products! Most of these products are 11oz mugs, but there are some different-sized mugs and digital printables available, and everything is positive. I’ve been looking into Amazon selling for awhile now. I’d be branching out intoContinue reading “Expanding Business”

What an Abundant Life

Good morning! The last few weeks, my life has totally become more abundant. I’ve been studying the law of attraction and implementing practices in my life every day, and it’s been CRAZY!! Even though I know how it works theoretically, it’s still been surprising me (even shocking me) at many of the things that haveContinue reading “What an Abundant Life”

Grateful for change

Hey y’all, My husband began a new job a few days ago. The idea of a steady income was so nice… but his shift is a 12-hour shift during the night. And he doesn’t like the work. I was a little worried this would happen. Before he started, I worried that such a long shiftContinue reading “Grateful for change”