Friday Coffee Video

Good morning! Those who’ve been following along know that I have recently been sticking my hands in all the pots. But I’ve finally gotten to the point where it’s more advantageous for me to narrow my focus, which actually works out great since I’m definitely ready to slow down. And it’s Friday! It’s time forContinue reading “Friday Coffee Video”


Hello! Eating a gluten-free diet is healthy for everyone, but it’s non-negotiable for some. Some people are fully allergic to gluten (the main protein in wheat), and some people (like me) are super sensitive to it. Gluten is an inflammatory substance, and the body can only handle so much inflammation. If you use up mostContinue reading “Gluten-free”

Piano and Backstage Coffee Lounge

Hello! Today I’m working on affiliate products having to do with my coffee business. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many coffee product affiliations as I’d hoped, but then I realized: A LOT of things are associated with coffee shops and drinking coffee. One of those things is art – in this case music. I think thisContinue reading “Piano and Backstage Coffee Lounge”

There’s Gluten in Soy Sauce

Hey y’all, When you’re learning to eat gluten free, food becomes a mine field. When you try to avoid flour, you think of bread and cake and crackers. That’s not the dangerous food, though. That stuff is obviously not good for you. However, there are A LOT of foods that contain invisible gluten, and soyContinue reading “There’s Gluten in Soy Sauce”