Bird PNG – free!

Hey y’all, I found the most beautiful bird graphic! I made the background transparent for PNGs and clipart, and I’ve uploaded it to my Patreon. The best part about this image is that it is completely free! You don’t need a Patreon subscription to view/use this image (although a subscription does unlock A LOT moreContinue reading “Bird PNG – free!”

“Delegating” for Cheap/Free

Good evening! I own an Etsy shop. I sell many products, including png designs and POD (print on demand) items. When I first began doing this, I didn’t know about the multitude of free tools out there to do some of the digital work for me. I was using the free Paint program on myContinue reading ““Delegating” for Cheap/Free”

Broke Toddler Meal

Hi! It’s a wonderful day, and it’s been filled with some good food. James had a bowl of chicken and rice along with a pea medley squeezer. We were able to get both the ground chicken and the squeezer from a fabulous charity organization. The chicken and rice was really good. I cooked rice inContinue reading “Broke Toddler Meal”

I Built a Fence!

Guys! I want to show y’all something. Tonight I built a fence for free! I feel so accomplished because I did it with my own hands. I love building stuff from used materials. It’s making something useful from basically nothing. Let me start out by saying that this is more of a decorative fence. IfContinue reading “I Built a Fence!”