What I’m Doing *updated 9-8-22*

Good morning! Ah. It’s a glorious Thursday. That means tomorrow is Friday. Yay! But even as I say that, I know that being Friday means nothing to a lot of you. I worked for nearly a year at a job where weekends were the WORST because everyone with any know-how took off, and Monday wasContinue reading “What I’m Doing *updated 9-8-22*”

Law of Vibration and New Year’s Resolutions

Hey y’all, I learned something this morning. I was watching a video of Bob Proctor – he’s a financial guru – and I learned that the Law of Vibration is the precursor to the Law of Attraction. I’d heard about the Law of Attraction, but I’d always heard how it can lead to a slipperyContinue reading “Law of Vibration and New Year’s Resolutions”