Week end eval- Jan 16 ’22

Hey y’all, I want to try something new. At the beginning of the week, I want to make a weekly goal/goals. At the end of the week, I want to evaluate how that week went and how I can improve. And since I think I should do this anyway, I may as well blog aboutContinue reading “Week end eval- Jan 16 ’22”

No More Bottles! And Potty Success!

Hi! Today was a big day. My son is nearly a-year-and-a-half old. His father and I have worked with him on drinking from a cup and out of a straw, but we’ve continued using a bottle for his morning milk just for ease. But we knew that he needed to stop using a bottle soon,Continue reading “No More Bottles! And Potty Success!”

Poop for the Win!

Hey y’all, He had a big win today! As many of you will know, we’ve been practicing elimination communication with our three-week-old son. We’ve been doing awesome with pee, but poop has been a little more challenging. Poop is supposed to be one of the “easy catches” in elimination communication, but we’ve missed it soContinue reading “Poop for the Win!”

Starting Early with the Parenting

Hello all! Let’s start off with a quick update about the baby. I’m 39 weeks pregnant, and little James is due on May 7th. I’ve been having contractions on and off (some prodromal; some Braxton Hicks) since the first week of April. I keep thinking James is going to make an early appearance, but itContinue reading “Starting Early with the Parenting”