Breakfast Meal Prep

Hi! I like prepping meals ahead of time. I rarely make entire meals ahead, but I do like to prep components of dishes to make meals easier later on. For example, I’ll make a big batch of pasta sauce for “5-cheese ziti,” and then I just have to make the pasta. Or, I’ll make aContinue reading “Breakfast Meal Prep”

Whipped Cream Birthday Bowl

Hello! Today is my husband’s birthday. Yay! He’s 27 today. We don’t usually celebrate very big. He’ll actually be going to work tonight like always. But one thing that I always do is to make him a special Birthday Bowl. This dessert was actually invented by mistake, but he loved it, so it became aContinue reading “Whipped Cream Birthday Bowl”

Omega-3 Bean Spice Cake

Hey y’all, So, I accidentally did something really cool. I’ve been eating a lot of pinto bean brownies with stevia to keep my weight up while I fight off this Candida. They’re good, but they’re getting old after eating 3 pans in 4 days. (Disclaimer: This is too many carbs for the first 3-4 daysContinue reading “Omega-3 Bean Spice Cake”