Hey y’all, This post is later than I planned, so you get a 2fer! I wanted to do a short post for each of these, but that didn’t happen. Last week, I got to clean two houses (the actual insides). Neither was really dirty, but they asked me to clean, so, whatever. For one house,Continue reading “Cleaning”


Scrub Daddy and Sunshine

Hey y’all, I’m excited! I’ve been using old rags to clean with. I’ve seen different sponges at the store, but I always thought ‘why?’. Well, I’ve been watching this woman, Aurikatariina, on YouTube. She cleans houses for free for people who really need the help but can’t afford to pay anyone. It’s so sweet andContinue reading “Scrub Daddy and Sunshine”

Kitchen Cabinets

Hey y’all, I cleaned my kitchen cabinets today. Like many people, I didn’t notice them getting dirty because there wasn’t a sudden mess. Little drips and dirt would get on there from day-to-day life. But, over time, these cabinets got NASTY! And I didn’t notice until I decided I was bored and would clean stuff.Continue reading “Kitchen Cabinets”