Sometimes Natural isn’t Best

Hey y’all, As most of you know, I prefer natural methods of almost everything to other alternatives. But sometimes, the natural way isn’t always best. I’m particularly sensitive to histamines. One thing that histamines are in in large quantities are the oils from grasses. I realized a few months ago that essential oils are pureContinue reading “Sometimes Natural isn’t Best”


Why Does THIS Have Citric Acid in It?

Hello all, As many of you well know, I have a fairly simplified diet (as opposed to using the word “restrictive”). I don’t eat gluten, dairy, eggs, or refined sugar. I stay away from processed food almost exclusively, and food dyes and certain preservatives give me fits. Citric acid is one such preservative that IContinue reading “Why Does THIS Have Citric Acid in It?”

Citric Acid is Really Bad

Hey y’all, I wrote a post awhile back about citric acid. It occurs naturally in fruits, but it’s made commercially from black mold. People (like me) with skin problems can often have issues with citric acid. I didn’t even realize this until recently. Citric acid is used in most canned products (and some teas forContinue reading “Citric Acid is Really Bad”

A Little Citric Acid Could be a Big Problem

Hey y’all, So, a reaction I had to a few of the foods I’ve eaten confused me. Specifically, I would get hot and sweaty (while just sitting) after eating blueberry syrup (just berries, sugar, and citric acid) and canned tomato puree (just tomatoes and citric acid). This really confused me, because when I ate theseContinue reading “A Little Citric Acid Could be a Big Problem”