What I Ate Today (and Skin Update)

Hey y’all, First things first, so I did the Candida Spit Test again this morning, and I am officially out of the woods with Candida Overgrowth! Yay! Now, for what I ate today. BTW, this is how I plan to eat from here on out, but we’ll see. First, I swigged down a glass ofContinue reading “What I Ate Today (and Skin Update)”

Net Carbs and Candida

Hey y’all, So, I’ve been doing battle with Candida. I’ve been eating raw garlic, cloves, coconut oil, sauerkraut, Pau D’Arco Tea, and taking a Candida cleansing pill. I also heavily reduced my carb intake. Initially (for the first week and a half), I was eating 50 net carbs or less, which is the same amountContinue reading “Net Carbs and Candida”

Pau D’Arco Tea is No Joke

Hey y’all, So, Michelle Mills mentioned that Pau D’Arco Tea was good for Candida. I didn’t think it was that big a deal, but I decided it couldn’t hurt, so I bought some online (because I knew there was no way my store would have it). I drank a cup last night not thinking muchContinue reading “Pau D’Arco Tea is No Joke”

Omega-3 Bean Spice Cake

Hey y’all, So, I accidentally did something really cool. I’ve been eating a lot of pinto bean brownies with stevia to keep my weight up while I fight off this Candida. They’re good, but they’re getting old after eating 3 pans in 4 days. (Disclaimer: This is too many carbs for the first 3-4 daysContinue reading “Omega-3 Bean Spice Cake”