Get Fit Food on an Extreme Budget

Hey y’all, Ok, so, you’re broke af, but you want to get some muscle gains. This is for you! I’m going to show off some foods that are seriously cheap but taste good and are actually really healthy. I’m also broke af and want to get some gains, so we’re in the same boat. WeContinue reading “Get Fit Food on an Extreme Budget”

I Want a Sense of Abundance in Life

Hey y’all, I realize this won’t be everyone’s experience. In fact, my experience is that of a fairly privileged white girl. When I was in college (5 years ago now, wow), life was a breeze – in reference to money. I did have a job, actually multiple, but they were on campus and any moneyContinue reading “I Want a Sense of Abundance in Life”

Budget and Health

Hey y’all, Let’s talk about health and budgeting. Vibrant health can absolutely be achieved on a budget! However, there are a few things that you’re going to have to remember to get that health while staying on budget. Obviously, super-healthy food can be expensive. It’s going to be cheaper to have oatmeal with bananas inContinue reading “Budget and Health”

Healthy Eating Budget

Hey y’all! I want to talk about eating really healthy on a severe budget. And I’m not talking about dropping $100/week at the store (that would be really fantastic, though). I’m talking about spending $150/month at the store to feed a family of 2.5 (we’re expecting). I’ll be honest; this isn’t a lot of moneyContinue reading “Healthy Eating Budget”