Chronic Autoimmune Conditions, Inflammation, and Diet

Hey y’all, Did you know that many of the chronic, “incurable” health conditions today are due to inflammation? It’s true! Most of the time, chronic conditions like eczema, rheumatoid arthritis, Chron’s, high cholesterol, seasonal allergies, and more are often linked to inflammation in the body. These conditions can be made better through diet. I haveContinue reading “Chronic Autoimmune Conditions, Inflammation, and Diet”

Reduce that Inflammation

Hey y’all, As many of you know, I eat as healthily and mindfully as I can. Multiple members of my family have begun eating whole-foods plant-based. According to Dr Essylston and several others, cutting out animal products and processed food is the healthiest way to eat. I won’t argue that. I think processed food isContinue reading “Reduce that Inflammation”