Anabolic Kitchen for Broke Females

Hey y’all, I’ve been watching a fair amount of Remington James videos in the past few days. I like the overall concept of what he’s doing, but, just like Greg Doucette (or even more so), he relies so heavily on animal products and expensive foods in his cooking, and his channel is mostly geared towardContinue reading “Anabolic Kitchen for Broke Females”


What the Heck is an Anabolic Diet?

That’s the exact question I asked myself earlier today. When I began looking into fitness videos, I kept hearing this term being thrown around. I had never heard of this, so, I went and learned. Basically, an anabolic diet just helps you lose fat and retain muscle. With an anabolic diet, you just forget aboutContinue reading “What the Heck is an Anabolic Diet?”