A Successful Attitude Attracts More Success

Hey y’all, A few days ago, I heard this concept. I’m growing my business, and even though I was skeptical, I began acting a lot more confident. Like,I almost put “I’m trying to grow my business” above, but I didn’t. And I’ve been buying items as I did when my husband was working and weContinue reading “A Successful Attitude Attracts More Success”

Print on Demand – again with the Law of Attraction

Hello! About a year ago, I discovered the idea of Print on Demand stores. The whole concept is fabulous, because you create designs for products (simple pictures), and another company handles creating the products and distributing them to buyers. You just pocket the difference in cost. You don’t have to buy any inventory to haveContinue reading “Print on Demand – again with the Law of Attraction”

Stop Doing This!

Hey y’all, I have another law of attraction idea from Andrea Schulman to share. STOP saying “I’m so busy,” and STOP rushing. I am definitely guilty of these. The prevailing thought in society is that you have to be busy to be productive. But when we’re so busy, it puts out negative vibes that weContinue reading “Stop Doing This!”

Manifesting/Law of Attraction

Hello! I’ve been off my game lately with the whole routine/schedule and being productive. I haven’t taken steps backwards, but so much life has been happening lately that I haven’t made progress either. Anyway, I was looking at videos about Law of Attraction strategies, and something in one of them struck me. You don’t getContinue reading “Manifesting/Law of Attraction”