Hey y’all, I think I manifested a “mouse trap” without realizing, and it’s a bit scary. My husband and I have lived in our current house for 2 fall/winters. We moved here in the spring when there was no problem, but in the cold, mice began coming into the warm house and stealing our food.Continue reading “Manifesting?”


Manifesting/Law of Attraction

Hello! I’ve been off my game lately with the whole routine/schedule and being productive. I haven’t taken steps backwards, but so much life has been happening lately that I haven’t made progress either. Anyway, I was looking at videos about Law of Attraction strategies, and something in one of them struck me. You don’t getContinue reading “Manifesting/Law of Attraction”

Inspiration and Mug of the Day

Happy Friday! I’m excited to go get this day! We are going to conquer! (This wasn’t planned, but that’s actually a great introduction for this mug – find it on Etsy) We are all going to slay this day! It’s the last day of the week, and it’s going to be great!