Adding some Stillness to the Morning

Hey y’all, I’ve been really working on my morning routine for awhile now. I’m trying to be more productive, but I find that what I’m trying causes me to feel like I’m hitting the ground running and to burn out after a few days. This evening, I rewatched a video about Buddhist Monks. Their morningContinue reading “Adding some Stillness to the Morning”

Manifesting/Law of Attraction

Hello! I’ve been off my game lately with the whole routine/schedule and being productive. I haven’t taken steps backwards, but so much life has been happening lately that I haven’t made progress either. Anyway, I was looking at videos about Law of Attraction strategies, and something in one of them struck me. You don’t getContinue reading “Manifesting/Law of Attraction”

It’s a Rough Morning

Good morning y’all. I hope your day is starting good. Mine’s a little rough. Productive, but rough. My toddler usually sleeps through the night. It’s great! But not last night. He’s cutting a molar, and I woke to cries at 3:30 am. I comforted him and got him some pain meds, and he went backContinue reading “It’s a Rough Morning”

Friday Coffee Video

Good morning! Those who’ve been following along know that I have recently been sticking my hands in all the pots. But I’ve finally gotten to the point where it’s more advantageous for me to narrow my focus, which actually works out great since I’m definitely ready to slow down. And it’s Friday! It’s time forContinue reading “Friday Coffee Video”