Cool Coffee Things


I’m a busy mom. I stay home to take care of my boy, and I am starting a business, and I invest. It’s a lot, and I really enjoy my coffee. I’ve found some cool products for coffee that I didn’t even know existed!

I found this product called Javaburn. It’s a flavorless powder that you add to coffee that helps with weight loss and gives you more energy throughout the day. This sounded too good to be true, so I looked at reviews before recommending Javaburn. Apparently, it does work well. I like the sound of more energy, so I may look into that aspect more for myself.

I also want to tell y’all about the cool mugs I found. There’s a shop on Etsy that sells really cool and funny mugs. It has some other stuff, too, like cool art and printable coloring pages and planners. If you like coffee, get on that coffee merch and show your swag.

Goals, Vibrations, and Mug of the Day

Good morning!

I hope you’re doing fabulous on this Wednesday morning! I feel pretty good at the moment.

I decided to change up some of what I was doing and delete a few of my apps. They were intended to make me some money, but they weren’t making enough money to make me want to work on them.

This goes along with my goals and the vibrations I’m working on. My goal is to be able to comfortably pay my bills and take a vacation once or twice a year. I’ve put things in place that should achieve that over the course of the next ten years. But my son is here now, and I want to be able to enjoy him. So, I want to find a way to make money online. Even though I did have a few apps installed on my phone to make money, they weren’t conducive to a vibration that will attract money to me.

The Law of Attraction (because physics states that similar vibrations of atoms attract each other) is clear that you will tend to do better in life if you feel better. And playing those money apps was making me feel bad. So I got rid of them. Instead, I’ve been chasing down a few leads to different things. I’ve found a few new ways to market my mug business, and I’ve also gotten leads for jobs and think I should get into making digital printables on Etsy. I’ve already made a set of coloring pages (for baby showers and the like), and I’ve got some other ideas already cooking away.

I don’t have much to lose, so I’m diving headfirst into making money at home. Here’s a marker for future Katie: if something doesn’t happen by October, I need to look into getting a regular job. But that gives me three weeks! A lot can happen in three weeks.

But now, without further ado, the Mug of the Day to inspire and motivate:

This mug is the culmination of everything I’ve been talking about in this post. We can achieve anything. We just have to do the “repeat” part and go for it everyday. If this mug speaks to you, or if you want to look at what I offer, find it here.

Mug of the Day

Good morning!

I took the weekend off from blogging (kind of) to focus on my tax lien investing. On the bright side, I’ve made several wins with on that front. My goal was to invest a small amount of my own money into 3 or 4 properties to create a proof-of-concept. And I’m proud to say that I’ve achieved that.

But that’s done for the time being. And the weekend is over. So, it’s time to get back to the mug of the day:

Haha! This is the mug I’ve chosen for today. I wanted to have a funny mug since we’re coming off the weekend. We need some funny to start off the week. I love how funny and sarcastic this mug is. It has a posh-looking font, but a not-posh-at-all saying. This is a mug that someone would use to hold a can of soda or something. Or use while eating a donut. It’s ridiculous and perfect for an almost Monday. If you like this mug, you can find it on Etsy for only $11.

What all I’m Doing and Thank You


I want to sincerely thank everyone who reads this blog. With the number of subscribers, I can actually see an amount of people who are interested in what I’m doing.

By seeing the number of readers, I feel like I am not completely failing. And, until recently, I did have many days where I felt like I was failing at the game of life. Nothing I was doing to get ahead was working. Raising plants and animals didn’t work; online surveys didn’t work; crocheting didn’t really work; finding a job job didn’t really work; playing the stock market only slightly worked…

But that all changed yesterday when I became a real estate investor. Last night, on my couch, I made a real estate deal in Florida. This is actually a viable idea that I can do on my own terms without leaving my house or waiting for a specific day or doing tons of research and still feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. It’s like playing Monopoly for adults, and I love it. If you also want to learn how to do this (I started with less than $150), I really recommend attending the training by Jay Drexel at This is a 99% guaranteed way to increase your investments by 18%.

Anyway, that’s a large part of what I am doing. I am also selling various POD items and printables on Etsy. I am trying to make this my main source of income, but whether I continue with this really depends on whether I can find a different source of funding sooner or not. I am trying out many of the options I see to make cash on the internet. I am currently looking into both Userfeel and Usertesting, and I also have a few leads I want to look into. Anything that I can find that will fund my ability to be a real estate investor full-time is a possibility that I am looking into. (I think it’s years down the road before I can invest full-time, but I do think that it’s fully feasible by 2030 no matter what happens.)

To a lesser extent, I am playing apps that do make a tiny bit of money. Atlas Earth makes a couple dollars per month. JustPlay makes about $1 per day. Clip Claps is an app I found that can earn about 10 cents a day where I watch videos. And I have an app called CashWalk that records my steps in the background throughout the day and will pay me about $2.50 a month. None of these apps really earn enough income to really do anything for me, but these apps in particular don’t require much time per day, so I figure I may as well have them on my phone.

When I write everything down that I am doing, this seems like quite a lot. And it is. Even though most of this stuff doesn’t take much input individually, it is still a fair amount of work to manage all of these things. I definitely don’t have it all figured out yet, but that’s ok. I was listening to a video yesterday about how scientists make breakthroughs. They just keep trying things until something works for them. And making money works in the exact same way. I realize now that this is kind of what I have been doing for a while now. I’ve tried so many things, and the vast majority of them have failed. But, occasionally, I do find a little bit of gold in all that dirt.

I hope that at least some of that inspires you to continue searching for what it is you want. All the failures you will have are just teachable moments. I actually got scammed a few years ago. I was attempting to get a job, and I ended up losing a fair chunk of change. But that was just a lesson for me. I wish it hadn’t happened, but I know not to make that mistake again. It cost me, but I am better for it. Whatever you do, just keep going until you arrive at your destination.

I Just Bought my First Tax Lien!


As you can tell from the title, I just bought my first tax lien. I just sat on my couch in Texas and made a real estate investment in Florida! This is so exciting for me! I’ve been learning about investing in liens for most of a week now. I’ve been wanting to invest like this ever since I first heard about tax liens.

This is an almost (like, 99%) foolproof way to invest and make around 18% returns on your money. Basically, local governments place liens on properties when they don’t pay their property taxes. You can buy these liens, and then you either get 18% interest back on your money ($100 becomes $118), OR you can get the entire property if the owner doesn’t pay off the lien from the local government.

A lot of people try to invest with the goal of getting the property to sell. This is an easy way to make tons of money back (because for $1000 tax lien, you could potentially sell a $100,000 property without doing any work to “flip” it). That’s not my goal, though. Maybe someday, since that sounds pretty great, but I am only focusing on the interest right now.

I still don’t know enough to get into the nitty-gritty. I actually didn’t even complete the training before buying my first lien. I figured I would do enough of the training to begin investing, and then I can complete the rest of the training before I expand my investments. So if you want to learn more, I’ll just point you towards Jay Drexel’s training over at

I hope to invest another $140(ish) over the next week, but I began by investing less than $60. I’ll only make about $10 on this investment, but right now I’m only trying to get a “proof of concept” to show a bank. I did some math, and it would take me years to get the funds to do this even part-time. I need to support my family, and I would need enough funds to invest to be able to do so. With a “proof of concept,” I think I can get a bank to grant me a loan. Then, I can invest that loan, pay the loan back, and keep any interest on top. Just add a few 0s to the original numbers up there. A $60,000 loan would come back as enough for me to pay the bank back with their interest and keep nearly $10K. Even a small loan would be able to get me into investing faster and take months (if not years) off of my investing journey.

Did I mention that I am so excited?!?

I’m going to end this post now. If I keep going, I’m just going to repeat myself.

But, guys, I just sat on my couch in Texas and made a real estate investment in Florida! That’s huge! The future is now!


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