Bird PNG – free!

Hey y’all,

I found the most beautiful bird graphic!

I made the background transparent for PNGs and clipart, and I’ve uploaded it to my Patreon.

The best part about this image is that it is completely free! You don’t need a Patreon subscription to view/use this image (although a subscription does unlock A LOT more PNGs). AND this image is copyright free. So, you can use it for anything you want, business or personal.

Plus, it’s just beautiful. It’s likely something simple for a graphic designer to do, but I can’t do it. I just want to stare at it.

For more PNGs and clipart, visit Positive Elephant on Patreon. There are plenty of images for download without a subscription, but a subscription (only $5/mo) will unlock many more images that you can use for any purpose whatsoever.

PNG Library

Hey y’all,

I went ahead and began work on my Patreon png page. It’s basically a library of all the png designs and components that I use! I have so many PNGs to upload, but there are already almost 20 PNGs available, and several are accessible without a Patreon subscription.

The subscription available isn’t expensive either. For $5 a month, you can access every PNG in my Patreon library, and that library is only growing. Within a few months, there will be hundreds of PNGs available, and, someday, there will be thousands!

I’m still uploading my full designs to Etsy right now, but I am considering uploading those designs by way of print-on-demand mugs rather than listing them as PNGs. And putting the PNGs on Patreon is a better deal for both you and me.

If you are also looking to sell digital uploads, I would recommend checking out Patreon or something similar. Etsy is fantastic for selling finished items, but the profit margin on digital items can be quickly eaten up by Etsy listing fees. Some people sell digital products on Etsy and do very well, but it’s not the only option available.

Good luck with whatever you decide!

Etsy Goals

Good morning!

I’ve begun selling digital png images in my Etsy shop. These can be used as any clipart image and for sublimation onto t-shirts and other products.

Last night, I watched a video that suggested that Etsy owners sit down and make listing goals for themselves rather than focus on anything else. How many listings do you want to have by the end of the month? The end of Summer? The end of the year? Focusing on quantity begets quality. Not everything will be good, but some things will be hits.

So, what are my goals for my shop? I thought about it. As of me writing this, I have nearly 100 listings on Etsy. (I think half or more of those aren’t that great, but that’s the point) By the end of 2023, I’d like to have at least 500 active listings. And that actually means creating a lot more, because listings will expire, and I’m not going to renew something if I don’t think it’s quality. Anyway, that works out to about 8 new listings a week. And probably more 12-15 listings/week with the whole expiration concept. That’s a lot, but I think I can do it.

One cool thing about digital items is that I can use them multiple times. I can have the regular png image, then I can put it on a mug (because I have decided to continue selling mugs), and I can include the image in a larger “bundle.” In fact, I could use the image in multiple png bundles. So that’s 3+ listings from a single file. I get to do the work once, and I can sell all these listings many times.

Here’s one of the listings I created today:

Expanding to Patreon? Or stay here?

Good evening,

I’ve been posting a lot of PNG images on Etsy. Some are full designs, but some are just background images. Ideally, I’d give these images away for free, but listing them on Etsy is a few cents a month. Because of that, I can’t justify making them completely free, but I really don’t feel good about charging even a quarter for an image that wouldn’t even be a complete design for anything.

With that in mind, I had a brainstorm today. I could post those free images on here and point people to the full designs on Etsy, or I could expand to Patreon, and I could offer free content and a monthly subscription where subscribers could then access all my PNG designs (that I could upload for free).

I think the Patreon subscription idea would be a better deal for anyone interested. A PNG design on Etsy is $2. So, for a few dollars a month, you’ll be able to access a lot of designs instead of buying just a few.

I can list files either way, but what’s y’all’s opinion? Should I continue with Etsy alone, or should I expand to Patreon?