Don’t Mess with Success… crochet???

Hey y’all,

So, I just published a post that I wrote on Friday about my goals for this next week. But now it’s Sunday night, and I already completed the majority of the crochet projects that I wanted to get done this week…

And I’m thinking heavily about getting a knitting machine.

I feel like I’m still unsure about this whole idea about doing crochet for money, but here I am doing math for it and creating a business strategy.

And… Andrea Schulman did say that she got successful after realizing the “key” that she should focus in on what she was already successful at, rather than just going for certain “good ideas.”

So, my business goal is to make $1000 per month. If there are 20 days out of the month where I can really work, that’s $50 a day. Even though I’m sure I’ll make some money through blog ads and Etsy digital downloads, I think it would be a good rule of thumb for me to make $50 worth of crocheted merchandise every day that I plan to work. Then, I can have hundreds of dollars in sales at a show, and it will all work out.

The “problem” is, that I don’t currently have the patterns to make $50 of merchandise every day. I currently have one pattern for a heart-shaped dish scrubbie that I can make in under and hour. Ok – scratch that – I also have a pattern for a peppermint dish scrubbie that I can also make in about an hour. So, two patterns. However, it’s not like I can spend all day every day making hearts and peppermints. They’re both seasonal items, and many people don’t want dish scrubbies. So, I need some more pattern ideas.

If I invest in a knitting machine, it would allow me to make more of what I really like, which are life-sized and oversized projects. There are so many projects that I pushed away because they would take too long. But a machine would let me make something in a week or less that would take me months to hand crochet.

So, we’ll see what happens, but as of tonight, I plan to invest in a knitting machine.

PNG and Crochet (1-23-23 Weekly Goals)

Hey y’all,

At the end of last week, I decided that I just want to finish the crochet order that I’m on currently and stop taking those types of orders. Then, I kept getting distracted this weekend by ideas of things to crochet. I had to remind myself, several times, to stay focused, and that I don’t actually want to be crocheting throughout all my waking hours. After having children and having animals, it’s nearly impossible to find time to crochet items in the first place and then avoid getting them covered in pet hair.

Then I got a sale of one of my digital crochet patterns. (Yay!) That actually got me to thinking about digital crochet patterns. I keep thinking about the whole concept of “don’t mess with success.” I like the idea of making one of an item and then being able to sell a pattern from it forever. However, I don’t like the idea of constantly needing to create something new. It quickly becomes difficult to think of new items to create. But… digital patterns are the biggest sellers I have. I can’t do anything with this idea at the moment, but it does make me wonder if it’d be worth my while to begin creating patterns again after February.

But that’s a way’s away. As far as next this next week is concerned, I do want to get more of my current crochet orders finished. I’m partially through with a “baby shark” plushie, and I’ve finished 4 of 20 pokeballs. I want to finish the plushie, and I’d like to have 6-8 pokeballs completed by the end of the week.

And, I have an idea for a PNG design that I’d like to make and upload.

I don’t feel like that’s much to have accomplished this week, but I definitely feel better if I’m able to exceed my goals rather than if I set them too high and fall short, even if I do get a lot done.

So, my goals for this next week are to:

-first and foremost, take care of my child and household

-finish the “baby shark” plushie

-make 2+ pokeballs

-create and upload a PNG design

I also keep wanting to hustle hard and do all the things, but I just keep telling myself that I need to focus on what’s more important and forget the rest. Doing too much is just a recipe for me becoming burned out, and I really don’t need that when I have children to take care of.

Butterfly Dish Scrubbie Crochet Pattern

Hey y’all!

I find myself washing a lot of dishes by hand. If I’m hand-washing dishes, then I think I deserve something pretty to use while I do it.

A few weeks ago, I saw a photo on Pinterest of a butterfly crochet pattern by Edyth Blayn. This butterfly is beautiful, but it was much too small to be anything besides pretty.

I used her pattern to inspire my butterfly dish scrubbie!

This pattern creates something robust enough to wash dishes, but still beautiful.

Week end eval- Jan 16 ’22

Hey y’all,

I want to try something new. At the beginning of the week, I want to make a weekly goal/goals. At the end of the week, I want to evaluate how that week went and how I can improve. And since I think I should do this anyway, I may as well blog about it. Who knows? Maybe this can help to inspire others to self-evaluate as well.

Since I’m beginning this on a Wednesday night, there’s no point in putting out a goal for this week, so I’ll jump straight to the evaluation.

So, this week I’ve been reminded of how it feels to be stressed with too many irons in the fire. I keep trying to bring income into the household, and I totally forgot about how I previously stated that I’m going to focus on being a housewife and mom. I’ve been trying to take care of those home tasks while also trying to do too many other things. My husband and I had a long conversation about it, and we agreed that it would be best for me to cut back and focus on the home and being a great mom.

I definitely lost my way a little in the past week or two, but I’m glad that I did see my error and have taken action to correct it.

I do plan to continue some of my work, especially in making PNGs and clipart. I really enjoy when I’m able to design something beautiful or when I can make something useful out of something already beautiful.

However, I am going to cut back on doing so much Etsy POD work. Basically, a POD item is where you take a PNG image, and another company prints that image onto a item and ships it. It’s very convenient, and I’ll do that if I already have a design in mind, but I’m going to stop making designs specifically for Etsy POD. I really don’t even think that Etsy is a good market for POD items. The items aren’t unique, and Etsy is a platform for artists to sell their unique items.

There are a few items in my Etsy shop that I really do like, and this shirt is one of them.

I started elimination communication (EC) with my son when he was only 2-weeks old. At that age, he only had onesies, but the snaps at the crotch were too much for me to deal with as a new mom, and if he wet a cloth diaper in a onesie, we had to change the whole outfit because the bottom would get soaked. Because of that, I LOVE infant t-shirts.

As well, kids are messy. Some of the cutest child outfits I’ve seen are in white or another light color. That just means they stain easily. I designed this shirt so that it looks stained already, and more stains won’t hurt it. If you’re going to spend $15+ on a shirt the child will grow out of anyway, it doesn’t need to be easily ruined by stains.

Back to my self-eval…

I guess the point is that I got distracted and spread myself too thin. Seriously, I’ve been crocheting, designing, POD-ing, mom-ing, housewife-ing, and more. Even though I was doing all that, I wasn’t getting that much done.

To make better use of my time, I plan to cut out the POD-ing and slow the designing WAY down until I finish my current crochet project. Once I finish that (guys, I’m crocheting 20 pokeballs), I’m not taking any more crochet orders until the new baby is several months old. When I finish this crochet project, I can pick up on my PNG designing again. I’m also cutting down on some of the “more.” That’s basically a few money-making apps on my phone, and I’m getting rid of any that take up my time. I’ll keep the ones that just run in the background. They make a couple dollars a month.

So, I’m basically cutting out three things with plans to cut out another within a month.

I did make a goal awhile back that I’d be making $1000/mo by the end of February. I don’t know how much of that goal I’m going to complete, as it’s already halfway through January and I’m at about $20/mo, but I’m very blessed to be able to stay home with my child every day, and I really want to enjoy it more. Being a SAHM is definitely a privilege that many don’t have.