Frugal Products

French Presses are the most frugal (while still being convenient) way to make coffee for several – or for one with second and third cups. I love using my French Press. It doesn’t need to be located near a plug, and it’s not a bulky machine. It doesn’t even need any coffee filters.

-You can always heat water for your French Press with a pot on the stove, or you could use the microwave, but I prefer using a “tea” Kettle. My kettle has come in so handy for so much! I only ever put water in it, so it lives on the stove most of the time. In addition to making coffee, I love having hot water available when I’m cooking.

-Even though I do love my French Press, I know that some people are still going to want a coffee pot. Maybe that’s what they’re used to, or maybe they like to have a programmable one that allows them to have coffee ready as soon as they wake up. A standard coffee pot is still a frugal way to have coffee or tea instead of buying all your coffee at a café.

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