A Day in the Life

Today’s been super productive. I recently made myself a weekly to-do list that helps me make sure I get everything done, and I apparently did today’s and tomorrow’s chores without even realizing it. Not that that’s a bad thing – it frees up tomorrow to work on the garden. I need to begin planting tomatoes.Continue reading “A Day in the Life”

List of Penny-Pinching Ideas

This list is a compilation of ideas to save money. It changes and updates as time goes on, so be sure to check back. Try out the ideas you like and leave what you don’t. -stop eating out -have a budget -stop buying coffee/tea/soda from stores -measure out your coffee (try about 1 Tbsp perContinue reading “List of Penny-Pinching Ideas”

Introducing (drumroll please) Katie

Hi. I’m Katie. I’d probably label myself as an extreme homemaker (at least, that’s what I try to be). I’m in my 20s, and at that age, many people aren’t trying to begin homesteading or cut household expenses. However, I went through a serious medical crisis a few years back. I actually had to relearnContinue reading “Introducing (drumroll please) Katie”