There’s Gluten in Soy Sauce

Hey y’all, When you’re learning to eat gluten free, food becomes a mine field. When you try to avoid flour, you think of bread and cake and crackers. That’s not the dangerous food, though. That stuff is obviously not good for you. However, there are A LOT of foods that contain invisible gluten, and soyContinue reading “There’s Gluten in Soy Sauce”

“Incurable” Illnesses and Gluten

Hey y’all, I’m trying to begin a series with tips for avoiding gluten. But why would you even want to? Avoiding gluten is hard. You may be like me, too, and gluten doesn’t upset your stomach. You may have even had an allergy test saying that you have no allergies. So seriously, why? Well, doContinue reading ““Incurable” Illnesses and Gluten”