Tiny Pokéball

Hey y’all,

My nephew’s birthday party is this weekend, and I’m making him some Pokémon stuff.

I’ve recently been making a lot of pokéballs, and I thought I’d make some child-size ones for him.

It needs to be stuffed and have a button put on, but how cute is this?!

The sad part about this is that all the patterns on the internet for “pokéballs” are about this size. And I do get it, because a realistic pokéball can take 4-5 hours to make, and charging $50 for a pokéball is ridiculous. Which brings me back to the question I posed earlier: how would I go about doing a “raffle” or a “paid-subscriber giveaway”? I could sell a “raffle ticket” on Etsy? That would allow me to place a cap on the number of tickets/buy-ins.

This method would allow me to make something awesome that I enjoy making instead of figuring out how to make something in the fastest way possible.

Anyway, what do y’all think? Etsy? Or should I use another platform?

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