Weekly Goals and the Start of the Dragon

Morning y’all!

It’s been an exciting weekend, and I’m super excited to see what’s going to happen this next week.

This weekend, I actually delivered and got paid for several crocheted pokeballs and a crocheted Baby Shark. And I got a commission partnership to sell my yarn items in a local shop!

And not only that, but I took this Sunday (Jan 29) to work on my dragon project. (I’ve crocheted a dragon with a 5-foot wingspan in the past. It was awesome, but it took 3 months. I wanted to try and cut that time down with a knitting machine.) I’m proud to announce that I began knitting the body portion of the dragon on my machine this morning, and it is completely sewn and stuffed before I’m going to bed this evening. By the way, I totally had to knit 4 panels on my machine (I do currently have a 22-pin :I ) and sew them together. Those that know will understand the craziness of this project. When I fully crocheted this dragon, that body took me a solid 2.5 days, and I didn’t have children or a house to run at the time. And now I did it in a single day. That’s nice.

So, this weekend was a total success, but what are the goals for this coming business week? Well, I still have to run the house and care for the child. I definitely slacked on the laundry and dishes last week and got to play catch up. But after that, I’d like to make 4-5 more pokeballs. I really need to focus on finishing that order. Last week, I focused on my knitting machine mostly, and I only made one ball. I still need to make 14 more pokeballs by Feb 20th, and if I make 5 each week, I can accomplish it.

So, that’s the week. Child, house, pokeballs.

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