I think I’ve hit my stride

Hey y’all!

I think I’ve hit my stride… or I’m moving towards it, at least.

I’ve been able to knit and crochet for many, many, but I’ve been taking a leisurely break for the last few years.

I was trying to earn a living by selling digital files and POD items on Etsy, but I noticed that people were almost exclusively buying the crochet patterns from long ago .

So, I began crocheting a lot more and making more patterns, and I bought myself a mini knitting machine. I began this crocheting near the middle of January, and today (Jan 28) I delivered 2 finished products and partnered up with a local store to sell some of my work on commission!

And the commission partnership is great, because it’s a geek/nerdy store, and I have been wanting to make a 3-foot tall Charmander for years. And now, it is my job to do so.

I also have plans for a large dragon with a 5-foot wingspan. I made a dragon years ago, and I’ve been wanting to recreate it. I haven’t, because it’s such a huge project, but since I have the knitting machine, I can whip out some panels for the large pieces and only crochet the smaller details. Then, I can sell these, as well as other items on Etsy and in my local store!

I’m super excited! This business plan is going to turn out so well! I can feel it!

And I already feel really successful. I found a way to do something I enjoy and get paid. And that’s the dream, right?

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