I Bought a Knitting Machine!


I just bought a knitting machine, and I’m so excited! I couldn’t get the 48-pin machine like I originally wanted, because of placement of funds, but I did get a 22-pin, and I can make multiple panels and sew them together! Then, I should be able to upgrade in a few weeks to the bigger machine, but I may not if this one does well.

I can hand knit, but I stopped and began crocheting after becoming a parent. But I’m so, so excited to be able to make large items again. I live in Texas, and warm knit/crochet items are only practical for 1-2 months out of the year. I’m good at making large, realistic, plush items, but the big swaths of regular stitching take WAY too long. Now, I can focus on detail work and let the machine make quick work out of those plain sections.

The machine I ordered should be here by Thursday, and I can’t wait!

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