Don’t Mess with Success… crochet???

Hey y’all,

So, I just published a post that I wrote on Friday about my goals for this next week. But now it’s Sunday night, and I already completed the majority of the crochet projects that I wanted to get done this week…

And I’m thinking heavily about getting a knitting machine.

I feel like I’m still unsure about this whole idea about doing crochet for money, but here I am doing math for it and creating a business strategy.

And… Andrea Schulman did say that she got successful after realizing the “key” that she should focus in on what she was already successful at, rather than just going for certain “good ideas.”

So, my business goal is to make $1000 per month. If there are 20 days out of the month where I can really work, that’s $50 a day. Even though I’m sure I’ll make some money through blog ads and Etsy digital downloads, I think it would be a good rule of thumb for me to make $50 worth of crocheted merchandise every day that I plan to work. Then, I can have hundreds of dollars in sales at a show, and it will all work out.

The “problem” is, that I don’t currently have the patterns to make $50 of merchandise every day. I currently have one pattern for a heart-shaped dish scrubbie that I can make in under and hour. Ok – scratch that – I also have a pattern for a peppermint dish scrubbie that I can also make in about an hour. So, two patterns. However, it’s not like I can spend all day every day making hearts and peppermints. They’re both seasonal items, and many people don’t want dish scrubbies. So, I need some more pattern ideas.

If I invest in a knitting machine, it would allow me to make more of what I really like, which are life-sized and oversized projects. There are so many projects that I pushed away because they would take too long. But a machine would let me make something in a week or less that would take me months to hand crochet.

So, we’ll see what happens, but as of tonight, I plan to invest in a knitting machine.

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