Expanding to Patreon? Or stay here?

Good evening,

I’ve been posting a lot of PNG images on Etsy. Some are full designs, but some are just background images. Ideally, I’d give these images away for free, but listing them on Etsy is a few cents a month. Because of that, I can’t justify making them completely free, but I really don’t feel good about charging even a quarter for an image that wouldn’t even be a complete design for anything.

With that in mind, I had a brainstorm today. I could post those free images on here and point people to the full designs on Etsy, or I could expand to Patreon, and I could offer free content and a monthly subscription where subscribers could then access all my PNG designs (that I could upload for free).

I think the Patreon subscription idea would be a better deal for anyone interested. A PNG design on Etsy is $2. So, for a few dollars a month, you’ll be able to access a lot of designs instead of buying just a few.

I can list files either way, but what’s y’all’s opinion? Should I continue with Etsy alone, or should I expand to Patreon?

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