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Hey y’all,

I just had a brain blast! It’s similar to the “selling digital products” on Etsy idea, but I’m thinking it would be even more desirable to list png files for sale. A png image has a transparent background, so they’re perfect for print on demand (POD) items.

POD is becoming quite popular lately, and people are in need of designs. While there are definitely sites on the internet that will remove backgrounds for you (so you can put the foreground on a shirt, mug, etc.,) I know for sure that there are many people that either don’t know about these sites or that just want to save time by buying a ready-made png file.

While digital files would indeed solve my problem of not wanting to hawk unnecessary items, offering png images (or possibly a combo of both jpg and png) would be more desirable to a customer. Plus, I would make more sales from the designs rather than finished products, because I might sell a design to a POD shop owner, and I would get the sale whether the finished product sold or not.

This sounds like a win-win-win to me. I don’t have to search for products or sell them, the customer gets an integral tool to use, and I get more sales. Plus, I’ve already made a lot of designs that I’ve placed on shirts and other items, so I don’t have to make a whole bunch of new stuff. I just need to put the designs on Etsy rather than the products themselves, and that will be simple enough.

I already have a few images for download in my Etsy shop, but I just listed a new design with this png idea in mind:

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