Video Time!

Hey y’all,

I love that YouTube shorts are a thing, now. Before becoming a parent, I had all the time in the world to watch long videos. But now, I’m lucky to catch any bits of a video at all! So, it’s really working out for me that these short videos are becoming more and more popular. More shorts means more video snippets for Mama.

On that note, I’ve made quite a few YouTube shorts myself. I made one today of the craziness of being a housewife (a more traditional-esque one). I decided to do some bulk cooking today. I try to cook the vast majority of our food from scratch, and with a man, a boy, a pregnant mama, and two big dogs, having food readily available is helpful. All in all, I think I cooked 4-5 meals and washed dishes 3 times (we don’t have a dishwasher, and I would still have done a lot of hand washing even if we did).

If you’re interested, here’s that video:

I also have several other videos of housewife craziness, as well as other types of videos entirely.

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