Expanding Business

Hey y’all!

So, I’ve been busy! I’ve been working on my Etsy shop, and I now have over 70 products! Most of these products are 11oz mugs, but there are some different-sized mugs and digital printables available, and everything is positive.

I’ve been looking into Amazon selling for awhile now. I’d be branching out into different products, like shirts and sweaters. I’m thinking I may try it. The profit margins are higher. A mug on Etsy makes $4, while a shirt would make $8. So, I would only need to sell half the shirts as mugs.

From a business standpoint, this is a super idea. I’m doubling (actually, much more than) traffic to my products, diversifying my products, and reducing the number of sales for my desired profit.

Well, that definitely convinced me. I’m doing it.

But first, look at how pretty this mug is!

It also comes in pink, and it’s available in my shop.

Happy Tuesday!

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