Fun Law of Attraction Game – Manifest Abundance


I just learned about a really fun game for manifesting. =

Basically, you make a dream check register. You “deposit” a certain amount of money into your dream account, and then you spend all that dream money on things you want. The way I heard it described was that you need either expired checks or “checks” from Google Images to spend the money. I guess that’s to make it feel more real to get you into a good vibration, but I don’t have any extra checks to play with, and I don’t write checks in real life, so I’m just going to make a dream register and play with that.

This is a great way to increase your vibration to attract what you want. If you just want the things, then you may not believe that you can afford it. But in your dream register, you always have enough money. And this game actually has you research what you want and how much it would cost to get it. If you go and research the price of something, you are likely looking to buy that item or something similar. The act of researching what you want will tell the Universe that you’re planning on getting it, and the Universe will make a way to match you up with the item.

I’m going to create a dream register on my phone. I think this game sounds like a lot of fun! And manifesting tricks are always nice to have in my arsenal. Maybe this would be fun for you, too!

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