Food Pantry Love 10-25-22


As some of you know, my family is experiencing growing pains right now. Since early 2021, we’ve moved towns, become homeowners, and become parents. Now, we’re expecting our 2nd child, and my husband and I have decided that I should stay home to look after the kids and for him to go out and work. And that decision has, at least in part, led to him currently being between jobs.

One of the ways we are using to stay afloat is to use resources from local food pantries. Today, we received a box of food. We are so grateful for it, and I want to share.

It may look small, but there’s a lot of stuff packed in this box. We got a pound each of dried beans and rice, 2 types of pasta, 2 boxes of mac n’ cheese dinners, 4 large packets of hot cocoa mix, 2 juice boxes, a baby fruit puree, 2 BBQ sauce containers, a corn muffin mix, a pouch of chili, a bunch of canned goods, and a bag of fresh jalapeños.

I’m excited to use this stuff. I’m especially excited to experiment a little with some of the ingredients I don’t normally use. There’s a can of green peas that I wouldn’t normally use, but I have an idea for it that involves green cake. Because I’m definitely going to use things that we’ve been so blessed to get.

Thank you WCRC! You know who you are. All Food Pantries provide invaluable resources to their communities.

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