No More Bottles! And Potty Success!


Today was a big day.

My son is nearly a-year-and-a-half old. His father and I have worked with him on drinking from a cup and out of a straw, but we’ve continued using a bottle for his morning milk just for ease. But we knew that he needed to stop using a bottle soon, and we decided today was the day. We put the bottles away and used a cup for breakfast. We’ve officially passed this milestone!

But, wait! There’s more!

We’ve been practicing elimination communication (this is a form of early pottying) with James since he was two-weeks old. After six-months old, James became really hit or miss with the potty. We kept on trying, and sometimes we made it, and sometimes we didn’t. But today, at 17 months, he spent the whole day leading me to the bathroom when I told him we should go, and he went in the potty nearly every time. There were a few misses, but the vast majority of potties went in the potty.

My baby boy is becoming a little man. *sniff*

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