Eating a gluten-free diet is healthy for everyone, but it’s non-negotiable for some. Some people are fully allergic to gluten (the main protein in wheat), and some people (like me) are super sensitive to it.

Gluten is an inflammatory substance, and the body can only handle so much inflammation. If you use up most of that capability by eating gluten, then any other inflammation from life can cause things like this to happen:

That’s eczema. I had it semi-severely for 2 decades. I had multiple specialists tell me that my diet had nothing to do with it, but I finally took matters into my own hands. This is just 2 years after I cut gluten out of my diet:

Although this change has been fantastic for me, eating GF in some areas is difficult. I live in a tiny, southern town where most people don’t even know what gluten is. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been offered pasta as an alternative to pizza. And sometimes I just get really tired of going somewhere to eat only chips or go hungry.

And even if you manage to find a GF alternative, often they don’t taste very good. So you end up planning ahead and packing a lunch for yourself for everywhere you go. But sometimes you forget to plan ahead. Because life.

So I’m on a mission to share the really good GF products that I find. I have a page dedicated to just this.

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